UIZE JavaScript Framework

JAVASCRIPT EXAMPLES Animate Size in JavaScript

In this example, the Uize.Fx.fadeStyle method of the Uize.Fx module is animating the size of an object. Move the mouse around inside the brushed metal square and you'll see a faint preview for a new size for the object. Click and the object will animate to that new size. How the object transitions is decided by the curve(s) used. You can change the curve(s) by clicking on one of the links in the "PRESETS" tab. When you choose a preset, a random new size will be chosen and the object will animate to that size using the new curve(s). To animate the object again, click a preset link repeatedly, or click the "PREVIEW ANIMATION" button repeatedly, or click anywhere on the metal square. To fool around with a preset's settings, switch over to the "PARAMS" tab to tweak values and click the "PREVIEW ANIMATION" button to preview changes.