UIZE JavaScript Framework


The Curve Explorer tool (which makes use of the Uize.Curve, Uize.Curve.Rubber, and Uize.Curve.Mod modules, among others) provides a UI for visualizing and experimenting with curve functions. Select a curve in the "PRESETS" tab. The preview on the left will update, and the silver sphere will animate, using your curve to control its motion. The curve graph includes a color fade in which 0 is dark blue and 1 is light blue. To tweak the curve expression for a preset, use the "PARAMS" tab. Play around with the parameters in a curve expression - if present - to see how they affect the curve, or add more complexity by using the curve modifiers defined in the Uize.Curve.Mod package. Use the "PREVIEW CURVE" button to preview the changes you make. For some more complex presets, scroll to the bottom of the "PRESETS" tab.